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P & L Analysis

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Business Analysis

A business analyst will work with you and your team on-site to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in all functional areas of your organization. Next, we’ll present our findings and give you an action plan to fix the critical issues we’ve identified to make your business goals a reality.

Business Consulting

With over 30 years of success in helping business owners grow their organizations, we will work with you, your managers, and staff to pinpoint the issues that are not allowing your business to produce optimally.  We focus on improving sales, reducing unnecessary costs, implementing new and innovative technologies and solutions to maximize profits and enhance your overall operations.

Business Plan Development

Having a formal written business plan allows you to take control of all aspects of your business at all time points.  As an owner we can help you to thrive in the success of your business, creating wealth and opportunities for yourself and your staff, promoting best practices, and focusing on the quality of your product or service.  Your business does best, when you and your staff are proud of your business, and what it brings to the public.  When you support integrity in your processes and focus on your long term goals first and then define your short term goals based on your broader vision, you will succeed in ways you only dreamed of.

We can help you see that vision through to fruition and bring your greatest desires to life.  Your impact will be as great as you desire for it to be, when you control your business, and not let it control you.  Focusing on process and ensuring procedures are smooth and unambiguous allows for finding efficiencies that were hiding from you.  Capitalize on your strengths and the strengths of your team.

Encourage growth and ensure that your staff have a sense of pride and personal accomplishment in all they do.  Your business plan is your treasure map, follow its course and reap the rewards.

Succession Planning

Perhaps you are planning to transition ownership to a son or daughter, selling your business, or looking for investors to bring you to the next level.  All transitions can be a challenge, create extra stress, and draw your attention away from daily operations.  We can help you develop your exit strategy, securing a profitable outcome for you while ensuring a lasting legacy for the business you nurtured for so long.
Private Equity elicits thoughts of hostile take over.  Nothing is further from the truth.  Private Equity thrives when it creates solutions for your exit or transition that allows you to gain your ultimate goal more cash, more freedom, and a transition to someone who cares enough to keep your vision alive and your legacy strong.

Your Particular Goals

What is missing?  We can provide you with fresh ideas, innovative solutions, and tried and tested technologies to increase sales, monitor processes and ensure greater productivity.  We can help provide understanding of various funding options and when to use them for expansions and ensure you are well positioned to capitalize on the impending increase in business from properly implemented marketing strategies, or capital improvements.  Hiring great talent and motivating existing staff are other extremely important business development opportunities.  Your business has its own unique set of challenges and goals.  We can help you define and achieve them in a clear, concise and methodical way.

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