About Us

Taking Your Business to the Next Level.

At the Forefront of Innovation

At Kauai Consulting, our accomplishments are owed to our persistence and drive to provide our clients with the most comprehensive and up to date solutions.  We are continually striving to improve our teams’ knowledge and resources, and to create innovative platforms using the latest technologies.  Our experience and understanding of growth and business cycles helps us ensure our clients obtain measurable results and see sustainable improvements in their businesses.

Ensuring Successful Implementation

Committed to Success

Kauai Consulting is committed to delivering success. We will accompany you through your journey to help you reach your business goals. Our ethical values are embedded into our corporate culture, as we strive to deliver the highest level of service. As a team with diverse expertise and specialities, we collaborate to help our clients improve their processes and surpass their competition by embracing the major technological shifts shaping our future.

Our People

Our company culture believes in the continuous pursuit of improving our teams’ competencies, developing everlasting networks, and expanding our human capital.

Having the knowledge and experience of successful implementation of new business models ensures that our clients achieve results that meet and exceed their expectations, and that we leave a significant impact on the future of our clients’ businesses.  Our investment in human capital along with our growing capabilities will help you generate a long-term return on investment.  We have the ability to adapt to multiple industries and sectors to meet the specific needs of each of our clients, building our solutions directly from their visions coupled with our expertise.

Our business consulting services are based on a thorough assessment, review, and analysis of current processes and desired goals.  Our solutions are specifically tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

Our team gained extensive knowledge & experience in multiple sectors, industries, and deployment of rapid/advanced technologies: skills which we strongly cherish and take pride in. Consequently, this allows us to positively impact our industry, deliver the broader picture to our clients, and provide them with key insights. Our business consultation services are based on a thorough assessment, review, and analysis. They are tailored to the needs of our clients.  Our range of expertise allows us to render the following services.

Kauai Consulting's Philosophy

To help you define your perfect long term vision with specific shorter term goals along the way, and provide you the motivation, excitement, expertise, and technological insight to fashion custom solutions that will allow you to realize your vision.

Strategic thinking

Partnering with Kauai Consulting offers your business an extensive array of services from finding and creating Efficiencies, P & L Analysis, Money and Cash Flow Management & Innovative Financial Strategies, Business Plan Development, Incentivizing and Growing Your Team, and Succession Planning & use of Private Equity for growth or exit.